Interview Communication: The Close


Once the interviewer has accomplished his agenda, he may tell you about the next steps and close the meeting.  Usually, the more he likes you, the more information you receive about upcoming events, such as additional interviews.

Openness and confidence should characterize your strategy for the close.  This is a great opportunity to continue the bonding process with the interviewer.  In addition, you have an opportunity to tell the interviewer anything else that you feel is important to your candidacy.  Just knowing that you have this opportunity removes pressure during the interview.  You want to thank the interviewer for taking the time to meet you, tell him about your excitement with the things he is doing (if you can say so truthfully), and understand the time frames and the process from this interview until the successful candidate is offered the job.  Finally, if you are convinced that you would like to work for the company, tell him — especially if he is your potential boss.

Ask For The Job!

Interviewing is no place for the timid.  If you find a job you really want, and if you are qualified and well-prepared enough to get an interview, tell the interviewer you want to work for him.


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