Winning the Job


How many times have you seen someone “win” a job that you did not think they could possibly win?  You say to yourself, “How could Sally win that job when I know that Ralph is more qualified?”  The reason is that you are looking at qualifications as the deciding factor, which is the threshold in order to compete for the job.  Then the real competition starts and requires knowledge of how to compete and win in the interview game.  And, it is the person who has the strategic game plan who comes out the winner.

Great companies take interviewing for talent very seriously.  They know how much effort is involved in hiring the outstanding candidate, and they are committed to do what it takes to be successful.  This means involving a number of highly paid executives, and taking valuable hours away from direct production for the firm.

In short, winning the job means winning in the interview.  Here are the key things you need to know — and do — to win in the interview:

Career Profiles: Here are some actual examples of how things can go very right or very wrong in winning the job:


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