Finding the Job


It’s not called “Looking for Work” for nothing!  No matter how happy you are in your current position, you constantly need to be thinking about — and looking for — your next job.  Yes, it can be at with your current employer.  A step up in your present position or a move to another area of the company with career growth opportunities.  Or it could be in another company in your industry — or a complete change altogether.  Regardless, you need to be always looking out for that next move.

At a minimum, Finding the Job involves the following three key activities — activities you should always be doing:

Networking is, by far, the most important technique in your job search.  It is not, however, the only one.  Research shows there is a 75%-90% probability that your next job will come through networking.  There is a 5% to 10% chance you will land your job through ads (the Internet, newspapers, corporate websites, or direct mail).  Ads and job postings are most appropriate for new graduates or younger job seekers and become less appropriate as you move into middle or senior level positions.

There is also a 5% to 10% chance you will land your job through recruiters.  There are three kinds of recruiters: Employment agencies, contingency recruiters, and retained recruiters.  Generally, the employment agencies cover the lower or starting salaries, contingency recruiters cover middle level and some higher level positions and retained recruiters cover the highest level jobs.

As we said, these activities should be on-going regardless of whether you are actively looking for a new job.  If you are actively looking, you are either still in a job, or out of a job.  Each situation presents its own opportunities and challenges that are covered in the following sections:


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