Killer interviews are the pivotal interviews in one’s career. Success in landing the best jobs requires more than “the things you need to know about interviewing,” or “how to answer questions in an interview,” or “the rules of interviewing.” Success demands an understanding of the structure of executive-level interviews and a step-by-step strategic game plan for winning.

Old game plans simply will not work in a marketplace that values self-starters who think in an entrepreneurial manner. Preparation includes being at your peak physically, emotionally and intellectually; it requires an understanding of the interviewer’s agenda and a clear picture of your own objectives; it means being able to evaluate objectively and finesse the interview; it means making the interviewer “fall in love” with you. Having won the job, appraising the company/position/employees and negotiating a fair package make for an enjoyable, productive experience.

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Competition is fierce. Landing a great job is hard work, particularly in today’s market.

To be the winning candidate, you need a strategic success plan. Killer Interviews: Success Strategies for Young Professionals gives you the “edge” to nail the job by providing a step-by-step game plan from starting a job campaign to landing a great job. You’ll learn how to:

• build a resume that “pre-sells” you
• create a powerful network
• prepare for every aspect of the interview
• communicate effectively with the interviewer
• close the sale like a pro and land the job offer
• decide if the company and the job are right for you.

Whether you are moving from college to your first job—or looking to make that next career move—Killer Interviews: Success Strategies for Young Professionals will maximize your chances for success, regardless of whether your job target is for-profit, not-for-profit, education or government.

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Photo of Barbara BallHiring an individual with huge potential requires committed senior management, a highly-trained, strategically and tactically focused interview team able to conduct an outstanding buy/sell interview with effective negotiations and follow-up. Since many executives consider recruiting and hiring “in addition to” their normal duties, it is incumbent on senior management to continually reinforce that “hiring the best” is one of the organization’s most important goals and to create incentives so executives want to be on hiring teams.

Part One demonstrates how the increased leverage the highly recruited candidate enjoys today forces changes in the interviewer’s approach to interviewing. Part Two analyzes how commitment, leadership and outstanding preparation are critical ingredients in winning the best candidates. Part Three analyzes how winning the battle for top talent requires the ability to build a partnership with the candidate based on mutual respect. Part Four deals with the important balance between the buy/sell which enables you to select the best candidate while simultaneously establishing the best climate to affect a successful close.

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