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In today’s highly competitive and increasingly uncertain job market, you need a coach to help guide you through the different phases of your career – ensuring that you are taking the steps necessary to take full advantage of opportunities and be fully prepared should adversity strike.

My Career Coach addresses that need by providing you with sound advice and coaching at every stage of your career development, from Finding the Job and Winning the Job, to the challenges of Starting the Job and Succeeding at the Job, to moving on or up and Leaving the Job. is also there to help and advise you when those inevitable and unforeseen crises occur — like your company being bought or your boss getting fired or screwing up big-time with a major client.

You’ll also get regular insights from Fred himself in his blog about the current research, trends and insights from leading business thinkers on the best ways to succeed in developing your career regardless of the business you are in.

And, finally, you can Ask Fred about how to handle the tricky situations that can present challenges and/or opportunities — if you know how to handle them wisely!

We all know that the days of a “Graduation-to-Retirement” career at one or two companies are long over. If you are a recent college graduate, you can expect to have over a dozen different jobs during your career. If you are currently in a management or professional occupation, you can expect to be in that position for just over 5 years according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For younger workers, however, the number is just over 3 years!

With companies continuing to “flatten” their organizations, competition for middle and upper management positions is becoming greater as the number of such jobs decreases. The result is that, to succeed in your career, you need the extra boost having your own career coach can give you in managing your own career path!

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