Focused Personal Coaching

We offer customized coaching programs designed to address your needs no matter where in your career you are.  Based on the career stages addressed in this website, each of our five programs provides a focused, one-on-one coaching experience designed to maximize your chances of success.  Our approach is based on our successful work with clients ranging from juniors, seniors, and recent grads of top schools like Brown, Columbia, Rutgers and Dartmouth to top executives at major firms such as Time Warner, Citibank, Morgan Stanley, Donna Karan.

Our Five Programs of Focused Personal Coaching Are:

Finding and Winning the Job.  Appropriate for recent grads and young professionals as well as more senior executives in transition, this series of sessions covers critical aspects of networking, job search, effective resume building, interviewing and closing the deal.

Starting the Job.  The first few months in a new job can be critical to your eventual success. Learn what you need to be doing in the first months in a new position to ensure your success.

Succeeding at the Job:  You’ve made it through the first year or two successfully – but now what? Are you maximizing your chances for advancement?  Seizing all of the opportunities?  Getting the right kind and amount of notice by management? Or are you feeling stuck – not moving ahead and not seeing any prospects of doing so.

Moving into and Succeeding in Management:  The ever-flatteningstructures of today’s companies, means that the traditional way of learning to be a manager by moving up the corporate ladder of increasing management responsibility is often a thing of the past.  More and more, individuals jump from no management responsibility to major manager roles with little or no on-the-job training or experience. This program helps those new to a management role avoid the most common pitfalls that can potentially derail a new manager as well as how to deal with the most common — and difficult — management problems.

Leaving the Job/Changing Jobs:  When is it time to move on?  How do you decide to change companies or positions within a company? How do you do it without burning any (or the fewest possible) bridges?

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