Winning the Job: Preparation for the Job Interview


The greater the amount of quality preparation you do before you arrive at a job interview, the better your chances of landing your ideal job.  Preparation begins the process and allows the other P’s to build upon it.  They are Presence, Presentation and Passion.

Preparation defines what is needed before you enter the competition.  Establishing an organized game plan to prepare for resume building, networking, and interviewing successfully.

  • Psychological: overwhelmingly positive attitude and self-confidence.
  • Physical: ability to remain focused and sustain high energy during multiple interviews on the same day.
  • Intellectual: knowledge of competencies, accomplishments, and uniqueness.
  • Resume: preparation of your primary marketing document.
  • Company research: the necessary due diligence to learn about the company.

Presence is having the self-confidence to build a partnership with the interviewer.

  • Make eye contact; give a firm handshake and smile.
  • Assist in creating a collegial, stimulating, and interactive conversation.
  • Demonstrate a positive, outgoing, inquisitive mindset.
  • Be humble, but not self-effacing.
  • Speak (only) positively about others you’ve interacted with/worked with.
  • Demonstrate the ability to relate to senior management and all levels of the organization.

Presentation is the ability to execute your game plan during the interview and to “close the sale.”

  • Assist in carrying the interactive conversation throughout the interview.
  • Understand consultative behavior — determine the interviewer’s needs and present your skills and abilities to satisfy them.
  • Deliver your competencies, accomplishments, and uniqueness in a cogent, concise, and convincing manner.
  • Give no answer longer in length than 60 seconds.
  • See interviewer’s challenging questions as an opportunity, rather than a daunting task.
  • Convert the interviewer’s mindset from “buy” to “sell.”

Passion is a deep, heartfelt, authentic excitement about work and life that includes the ability to energize others.  It is often cited by hiring managers as the “tie-breaker” between equally qualified candidates.

  • Demonstrate drive for excellence…love of the work…huge energy…the ability to energize, champion, motivate, invigorate, and inspire others.
  • Show a relentless drive to initiate, execute, and accomplish goals.
  • Present examples of your perseverance and determination — the will to achieve no matter how difficult the task.
  • Drive to attain the company (as opposed to personal) goals.
  • Speak and work from the heart — manifests as optimism, excitement, and emotional connection.
  • Demonstrate a keen interest in the position, how the business operates, and how your role would contribute to realizing the company’s goals.

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