Succeeding in the Job: Measuring Productivity


In “Goal Setting” we discussed the importance of writing measurable goals and meeting with your boss to achieve mutual buy-in.  Too often someone spends time writing and agreeing to goals for the year and then never hears another word about them.  You need to focus on your goal attainment as often as necessary for your work but in no case longer than a month (some people focus on their goals many times daily).  Create a spreadsheet of some other simple means of displaying your progress to your boss.  Keep it to one page if at all possible.

Ask yourself the following questions.

Productivity Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Yes  No   Has your monthly productivity equaled or exceeded your goals?
  • Yes  No   Do you possess complete knowledge and skills of all products   and/or services?
  • Yes  No   Are you on top of the market pulse and needs?
  • Yes  No   Have you categorized clients according to importance and do you service them accordingly?
  • Yes  No   Have you managed time to focus on your most important goals?

Congratulations if you answered “Yes” to each question.  If you answered “No” to any question, then click on the “No” for follow-up.


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