Succeeding — Leading Your Team: Being a Symbol


The culture of a company is exemplified by the behavior of its leader.  The leader must be respected first for his or her business acumen, direction and strategy, professional skills and reputation.  In addition, the great leader provides resonant leadership which engages people’s passion and excitement to produce outstanding results.  It brings emotion, as well as intellect, into the business arena and gives people a reason for being there, namely, to provide satisfaction in providing a worth-while product or service to the client.

Keep the following in mind:

  • Demonstrate character, maturity and self-awareness to be fully present in your own life and evidence personal mission, values ant integrity
  • Recruit, hire and retain the best and champion, excite, motivate, challenge and inspire staff
  • Set a clear, compelling, customer centered vision and set a strategy and values that are stretch but attainable
  • Be driven to produce sustained results and display compelling modesty
  • Lead personally from the front during the most difficult assignments and be regarded as “one of us,” “the real thing”
  • Create a climate of enthusiasm and flexibility where people feel invited to be at their most innovative and where they give their best
  • Know when to be collaborative and when to be visionary
  • Know when to listen and when to command
  • Coach and mentor staff to be the best they can be and provide strong representation in helping individuals reach their goals

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