Starting the Job: Discussions with Successful Colleagues

One of the best ways to understand success is to reach out to successful colleagues who are intimately knowledgeable about the work and perhaps have held the job you have been hired to fill.  Check with your boss to be sure that you are reaching out to the correct role models.

Keep the following in mind:

  • Build rapport, and be humble, so each individual will want to help you
  • Ask if you can take notes
  • Understand the two or three key actions they took early in their tenure that made them successful
  • Ask specifically, how they became productive and how success is measured
  • Discover the secrets to completing the most profitable business
  • Learn the to Do’s in being a good team member
  • Detect the Don’ts in being a good team member
  • Learn how to achieve “wins” that will be meaningful to your boss early in your tenure.

Ask a question, give an answer or make a reply!

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