Finding a Job: Conducting a Job Search When You Have a Job


Conducting a job search when you have a job is like having two jobs.  So, before you start, be sure that the situation in your present company is intolerable.  Having made the decision to leave you must enlist the assistance of your support group (spouse, significant other, friends).  Because you have a job you will have limited time to look, it will take longer, and you must have an outstanding management system.

Keep the following in mind:

  • Prepare your spouse or significant other of the increased time commitment since you will be performing two jobs
  • Be sure your spouse or significant other is on board and supportive of your need to make a change
  • Be prepared to miss some of the family activities
  • Be prepared for periods of doubt, especially if the time commitment mounts
  • Keep family members informed of your progress.
  • Keep up — or start — your regular physical fitness regimen (with OK of your physician!)

As you begin your job campaign, we suggest that you follow the steps that are sequentially laid out in this website. Also, we offer a video program on finding a job in this difficult job market.

Note:  Remember the importance of confidentiality.  If you do not want your current employer to know that you are looking, then you need to remind networking contacts, contacts on social media, recruiters, and anyone else you are talking to that your search is confidential.  You also need to carefully check your social media sites to be sure that there is nothing that could be perceived as negative.  Understand that any company you interview with will check your site.


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