Resume Sections: Activities/Leadership



Outdoor Leadership Training Program

Leader and Leader Trainer

  • Evaluated, interviewed, and recruited 7 prospective leaders from among 84 potential leaders.
  • Trained prospective team leaders in leadership, teamwork, and communications.
  • Led student group on backpacking trip in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.
  • Ran training sessions to help students, faculty, and staff groups explore collaborative leadership through the use of a challenging course setting.


University Student Assembly

College Representative

  • Elected by peers to represent the 3000+ students in the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences on the 23-member undergraduate student assembly.
  • Represented the community and students’ best interests to form recommendations to the Administration.
  • Served as Chair of the Women’s Committee and Liaison to the Appropriations Committee.


  • Captain of Varsity Soccer Team; finished first in conference.
  • Science and Engineering Business Club: Director of Finance Group, Career Fair Organizer.
  • $50K Competition:  Team member of Risk Management Start up.
  • Community Service Teaching:  Math to 8th graders, Finance to H.S. students.

Note:  This last presentation would be used if there were a number of isolated experiences.


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