The Interviewer’s Content Agenda: Threshold Competencies


Threshold competencies define the minimum standard or floor of the acceptable candidate.  Below this level anyone will be eliminated from consideration based on resume screening.  Intellect, the ability to think, sound judgment and the technical and conceptual skills to be successful in the job usually determined by the college attended, major and grade point average, and all your specialized training and work experience is critical.  In some instances a company may want to dig deeper into intellect with requests as far back as SAT scores.

In short, Threshold Competencies can include information about the following:

  • Academic training-college, major, grade point average
  • Specialized training or skill development
  • Experience (if necessary)

Possible Questions

  • Tell me which colleges you looked at, and why you made the selection you did?
  • How and why did you select your major and minor or concentrations?
  • What were your SAT scores?
  • What were your major extra-curricular interests?
  • Is there anything else you think I should know about your academics?
  • What did you like and dislike about each of the jobs you have held?

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