The Interviewer’s Content Agenda: Results-Orientation


Results orientation is the ability to produce consistently positive results, over time, no matter what the assignment or degree of difficulty.  It is a mindset that is all about setting objectives, figuring out how to accomplish them, setting an operational plan, attaining the necessary human, capital and operational resources, and to achieve the objectives within the established time frames.  The interviewers look for the candidate who thrives in a performance based culture and who love to win.

Let’s be sure that we are clear.  Every time that you present an accomplishment make sure that you give the bottom line.  What did you accomplish and how was it good for your organization.  Quantify the result.  Show the interviewer your passion for crossing the finish line, for accomplishing the goal, for WINNING.  Employers want people who want to win.

Potential Questions

  • What is your most significant professional accomplishment and why do you view it as such?
  • What do you look for from each of the people reporting to you when you are managing a time sensitive project?
  • Tell me about a situation where you had to make a decision quickly and act upon it.
  • When did you accomplish a task with the help of others that involved attaining resources, operations and a tight time frame.
  • Give me an instance where you managed the firm’s or organization’s capital well.

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