Competencies and Accomplishments: Work Experience


Competency-Strong marketing/sales background-B.A.-Business or MBA-Business


  • Conducted direct mail sales campaign (1+mm pieces) to brokers promoting institutional products.
  • Launched and strategically developed web site.
  • Managed online “life event” consumer education program.
  • Led and completed negotiations with software and hardware vendors and Virgin Music.

Competency-Broad analytical background


  • Worked on a $1+ billion sell-side transaction for an international oil company.
  • Created an Offering Memorandum for a sell-side transaction.
  • Protected New Zealand’s hundreds of natural flora and fauna from invasive species.

Competency-Ability to strategize with client, create vision and implement it


  • Conducted business and technology due diligence on a potential partnership with a smart chip couponing vendor.
  • Identified unique construct for keeping student interest high while introducing the new spelling program.
  • Developed division strategy focusing on sales to key accounts that doubled revenue in first year.

Competency-Ability to partner with internal and external clients to achieve results


  • Managed all communications with potential investors for mid-winter auction when the department faced a manpower crisis.
  • Supervised the retrieval of a multi-million dollar piece of art just in time for inclusion in an auction
  • Built community support and raised funds for a park dedicated to the 12 citizens killed on 9/11

Competency-Strong operations background able to handle complex problem-solving


  • Instituted new inventory control process which reduced inventory level by 15%.
  • Evaluated department’s efficiency, recommended, and implemented automated system reducing annual budget by $75,000
  • Managed the scheduling and sourcing of power supplies with production control to improve lead times and deliveries by 20%

Competency-Research and development background


  • Diagnosed cause of excessive heat damage to circuit boards and led design and implementation of new soldering tool (avoided scrapping boards worth $40,000)
  • Created heat transfer and fluid dynamic computer models for cooling systems, reducing design of hardware costs by 75%

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