Competencies and Accomplishments: No Work Experience

Competency-Broad, liberal background (Example-B.A.-Liberal Arts)

  • Attended (college) and achieved a 3.6 grade point average.
  • Nominated to Phi Beta Kappa honor society.
  • Selected as one of 12 (from among 250 applicants) as a Presidential Host.
  • Participated 4 years on Division 1 soccer team that won league and sectional honors.
  • Volunteered as an environmental awareness instructor to 150 inner city students.

Competency-Demonstrated ability to solve complex problems


  • Hosted 10 guests, from 3 separate constituencies, for 3 hours, when 2 other Presidential Hosts were unable to attend.
  • Constructed environmental awareness curriculum guide and provided training to 6 volunteers.
  • Researched artwork and estimated the value of the university’s collection for the Board of Trustees.
  • Created a business model and implemented a small business that self-funded 2 years of college.
  • Conducted fund raising campaign that raised $20,000. for soccer team to go to Europe.

Competency-Ability to participate on and/or lead a team


  • Elected as President of the student government for 500 student class in a close, competitive election.
  • Studied in Florence for a semester and built a study group of 15 students from 8 U.S. and Italian schools.
  • Selected as a team member in a Habitat for Humanity project with no prior experience.
  • Won award for “Most Team Oriented” on the volley ball team.
  • Led leadership training program for Cape Cod Sea Camps, voted one of the top 10 camps in the U.S..

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