Successful Manager Training Program

What is the Successful Manager Training Program?

Designed for new and mid-level managers, The Successful Manager Training Program teaches managers the skills they need to both avoid usual pitfalls that can make a manager less productive as well as those that can make him or her a real star.

Just as the world of military service is dramatically different from civilian life, so, too, is the manager’s world vastly different from that of the non-manager.  Yet in today’s world of ever-flattening corporate structures, managers — both new and experienced — are often thrown into positions they have not had the experience to effectively and successfully manage.

Do Your Managers Need The Successful Manager Training Program?

Do you have managers who. . .

  • Are weak on the management skills and abilities to be successful as the boss
  • Are bright, high producing stars with technical knowledge but little awareness of the changes necessary for success as managers
  • Are bullies who are unaware that such behavior defines the culture of the unit
  • Are ignorant about the importance of building relationships with peers and subordinates
  • Spend little time coaching and developing direct reports
  • Come with “The Answer” before listening and evaluating
  • Set unrealistic expectations for staff without full information
  • Micromanage staff and often take over someone’s work
  • Listen to the wrong people without keeping open communication with everyone

If you answered “Yes” to one or more of the above, you have managers who could benefit from the Successful Manager Training Program!

What Participants Will Learn
Through the use of current research, real-world examples and group exercises, Successful Manager Training Program participants will learn:

  • How to understand the critical duties and responsibilities of a successful manager
  • To analyze the culture and climate of businesses in general and their company in particular and how to manage most effectively within it
  • How to handle the conflicting challenges that all managers face – such as having to develop staff and evaluate them, or make a cohesive team while keeping sight of the individuals on it
  • To be aware of the major reasons managers fail and be able to avoid them
  • How to deal successfully with personnel problems that inevitably occur
  • To build productive relationships with superiors, peers and those reporting to the manager
  • How to build trust with those the manager interacts with in the company
  • How to successfully “manage up” so as to be maximally supportive and productive
  • How to generate and maintain a “performance-based climate” wherein team members are proud to belong to the organization and willing to make the extra effort to succeed
  • How to set clear, concise direction, strategy, and goals and monitor performance
  • How to ensure their department’s goals are in line with those of the overall organization
  • How to empower subordinates to perform at their maximum potential
  • How to execute their department’s operations flawlessly
  • How to build trust-based and influential client relationships (with both internal and external clients.)
  • The importance of networking both within and outside of the company to stay current on key developments and ensure they are optimally performing
  • How to recruit and retain the best talent possible

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