Your Boss: Building the Relationship


Building a relationship takes time and effort.  While it cannot be forced it also can’t be left to chance.  It requires vigilance on your part to seek opportunities to meet with your boss at times when you can both build on your personal relationship and exchange business information.  Look for an opportunity to have lunch with your boss, sit with her on an airplane on the way to a meeting, or at the weekly staff meeting.  It is your responsibility to:

  • Take responsibility for building the relationship
  • Seek opportunities for personal bonding within the business setting
  • Communicate in an open, interactive manner
  • Bring personal information into a conversation to the degree you are comfortable
  • Demonstrate self-confidence with humility
  • Be truthful, and report it immediately, even when there is bad news
  • Give credit to others for a job well done
  • Seek advice from your boss where you do not understand something or on issues where you have no experience

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