The Boss: Understanding the Boss


It is your responsibility to get on the same page as your boss.  Some bosses will be clear, concise and spell out how they think and what they value, and others will play things much “closer to the vest.”  It is a huge benefit to the organization if your boss is willing to spell things out early, but the reality is that some bosses are just not comfortable laying out what they think and value.  The primary difference is the amount of time it will take you to learn how best to deal with the boss.  Do the following:

  • Observe the boss’ behavior constantly in many different settings
  • Understand how the boss prefers to gather and present data
  • Understand how the boss will conduct a self-evaluation at the end of a business cycle
  • Learn the style you need to use when asking the boss for something
  • Learn how you will receive feedback on the decisions you make
  • Learn how the organization will conduct its performance evaluation of your boss
  • Anticipate the personal qualities and business abilities you will need to demonstrate to be successful

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