The Boss: Clear Communication


The same communication style can be considered outstanding or deficient depending upon the boss.  Almost all bosses prefer a clear, concise communication style, but some will want you to give more detail than others.  You also need to learn whether the boss wants information prior to the meeting.  One boss, for example, will want to be communicated with, in writing, before meeting on a complex subject.  Another boss doesn’t need information ahead of time and prefers to sit and discuss the issue(s) around a table of his direct reports.  When communicating:

  • Practice active listening where you can repeat the last speakers point of view before you speak
  • Speak only when you have something to say
  • Do not use all of the oxygen in the room on any subject
  • Focus your questions on the most important topics
  • Articulate the most substantive issues clearly
  • Know what you need to do when the meeting is over (task, time frame, evaluation)

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