Succeeding — Leading Your Team: Top Talent


Hiring and growing top talent is as important as setting the direction and strategy.  It is not possible, in today’s rapidly changing business marketplace, for one person to have all the answers.  Consequently, a highly talented, complementary executive team gives you the competitive edge to be a force in your industry.  It starts with every member of your executive team being as passionate about hiring the best as you are, and agreeing to pay the price in time and resources to accomplish the task.

Keep the following in mind:

  • Set the strategy for hiring the best with your executive team
  • Head the effort yourself or select a star performer to head the recruiting effort
  • Communicate the importance of the effort, and demonstrate your commitment, every place you go
  • Demand that your top talent serve on interview teams
  • Hold all staff accountable for improving the talent pool
  • Seek to hire from inside except where there is a talent void or the requirement for a specific skill set
  • Hire first on character, then on competence

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