Succeeding — Leading Your Team: Customer-Centered Direction


Business history is loaded with examples of companies that became arrogant with their own success, loaded with bureaucracy, and forgot about their customers.  We all know those companies were saved at the last moment or were sold or disappeared forever.  Setting, or re-setting, direction and hiring top talent are the most important things you do.

Keep the following in mind:

  • You are the architect of the clear, compelling, customer centered direction
  • Be the constant evaluator of the degree to which it meets the customer’s needs
  • Create the common direction, communicate it to staff, and articulate the mission so that it resonates with people’s values
  • Transmit a sense of purpose beyond making money
  • Set a clear, concise strategy that people can repeat or paraphrase and that enables everyone to know what needs to be done
  • Demonstrate the fortitude to admit if the model has flaws or is not working anymore
  • Make changes to in the direction and strategy that will get you back on a competitive footing
  • Insist that everyone lives by the values statement that defines how we will behave with one another

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