Leading Your Team: Your Relationship with Your Boss


When the boss is recruiting you, you may or may not get a true read on the business and its risks and opportunities.  As you begin the process of building the relationship you will need to understand whether the boss who was recruiting you and the person who is now your boss are the same person.

Keep the following in mind:

  • Spend time interacting with the boss to learn as much as you can about his/her personal characteristics
  • Ask your boss about the best way to gather and present data, present the data, set and communicate direction, set goals and monitor progress, communicate results
  • Learn the preferred way the boss likes communication (e-mail first, then presentation; face-to-face communication, etc.) and the frequency
  • Determine whether your boss will be a partner in thinking through direction and needed changes or whether you’ll need to get that help elsewhere
  • Determine the degree to which the boss will back your decisions by watching his behavior as you decide direction and strategy

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