Leading Your Team: Establishing Direction

There is often a different stomach for change when someone comes on board than when they were being recruited.  An executive who has just experienced a leader leaving the organization because, in part, he couldn’t make a quick decision might say, “We must have someone who can come in who can assess a situation and implement a solution.”  Then when that person is hired it is evident that the company doesn’t have that type of culture.  You must be smart enough to assess the situation and make good choices.

Keep the following in mind:

  • Based on your data, determine where the unit and company are in the organizational life cycle (new organization, launch, highly successful, arrogance, trouble, deep trouble)
  • Gain the boss’s perspective on the state of the business
  • Determine the degree to which your boss is wed to the current direction and strategy
  • Assuming your boss feels there is a need for change, begin the dialogue of what that might look like
  • Learn what tolerance the boss has for changes (mild to radical)
  • Begin your work immediately to determine the new direction

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