Leading Your Team: Change


The mistake that leaders often make is to explain that changes are coming and moving on quickly toward the goal.  This skips the step of communicating the need for the change and why and giving people an opportunity to come to terms with the changes and the adjustments to job and friends.  The first task is with people and their adjustment and the second task is with the goal and how to get there.

Keep the following in mind:

  • Introduce the change(s) in one clear package
  • Give people a chance to adjust and “think through” what they will need to do differently and how they will need to act
  • Know that the toughest time for your people is when the old model is gone, and people are in between models before the new model has taken hold
  • Build commitment by bringing out the losses that people will be feeling and giving them an opportunity to deal with the losses
  • Communicate early and often about the new direction, understand the psychological impact of moving forward, and celebrate the wins



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