Building Relationships With Your Peers: One-on-One Meetings


The best way to learn about someone is to spend time one-on-one.  This time, although it can seem time consuming, will pay huge dividends if you take the time to listen, ask questions, probe where appropriate, and assimilate what you are learning.  Research has shown that building social relationships at work makes us more productive.  A key is to be humble and open-minded.

Keep the following in mind:

  • In the first month reach out to everyone on your team
  • Learn about the person’s personal and career background
  • Discover similarities, and possible links, between the person’s background and yours for ongoing bonding
  • Understand each person’s role and how it contributes to the unit’s goals
  • Ask each person how they see your role contributing
  • Determine what motivates and drives the person at work
  • Ask how you can be helpful to them.


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