Building Relationships with Your Clients: Understanding Their Business


You cannot possibly understand the client’s business when you are starting out.  But you can begin to understand so that you will become a helpful resource as time goes on.  Because you are not expected to understand a lot of things at the beginning, this is the time to ask questions.  Ask about anything and everything you don’t understand.  Very soon, you will be expected to understand.  Right now, you aren’t.  So ask questions!

Keep in mind the following:

  • Read everything possible about the client’s business before meeting
  • Ask the client what more you can do to understand their business
  • Network with others who have knowledge of the business
  • Ask about the client’s business goals and how they are achieved
  • Ask intelligent questions to probe slightly into a deeper level how and why things are done
  • Learn how your product or service is helpful in achieving the goals
  • Understand the timeframes and quality standards for delivery

Ask a question, give an answer or make a reply!

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