Starting the Job: The Job Requirements

Time with your boss to understand the work product will be incredibly valuable to you and may not be too easy to get.  Those bosses who enjoy orienting, mentoring and coaching will be more willing to make time for you.  Those bosses who don’t will expect you to learn much more on your own.  You’ll want to learn:

  • Administration: Dress, behavior, time of arrival, etc.
  • The boss’s expectations for your job success in the first 3, 6 and 12 months
  • All aspects of the job description
  • The 2-3 objectives that are critical to your success-include how to measure results
  • Suggestions for accomplishing the 2-3 objectives
  • How success will be determined and measured
  • Responsibilities that are not directly related to the work flow (orientation meetings, networking, etc.)
  • How often you should meet to discuss progress

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