Preparation Before You Start the New Job

Every bit of study about the company and the industry before you begin a new job will help you to be successful.  Start with a study of the company website.  Continue your education by learning:

  • What the Company does in all its divisions-the products, services and technology
  • The company history
  • Long-Term Past performance-If it has been good, “Why”?  If it hasn’t been good, “Why”?
  • Recent Past Performance-If it has been good, “Why”?  If it hasn’t been good, “Why”?
  • News and recent events
  • Company culture, mission, and values
  • Unique Selling Proposition-what makes the company different
  • Competitors and their strengths and weaknesses
  • The Policy Manual-is it possible to get a copy to read before you start?
  • Key management and recent organizational changes-can you determine “Why”?
  • Present vision and strategy-what does management hope to achieve?

Note:  Take care of any personal responsibilities (doctor/dental visits, school conferences, travel, chores, etc. before you begin the new job)