Management: Establishing Flawless Operational Execution

Together with setting a direction and hiring top talent, flawless operational execution to fill a client’s need is equally important.  The three core processes of people, strategy and operations must be connected for an organization to function smoothly.  Some people think of execution as tactics but it is not; it is a discipline and a system.

Establishing a flawless operations system requires knowing your people and your business, setting clear goals that are challenging but realistic, and checking progress often. Another element of the system approach is processing the “hows” and “whats” which include constant debate, probing, listening, and questioning with a consistent goal of “finding a better way.” A key element of a flawless operations system is follow-through – the lack of which is one of the most often cited reasons for poor execution.

To be effective, the system must be embedded in the norms of behavior that everyone practices and in the rewards schedule.  Most of all, the leader must be deeply engaged in the process.  It can be argued that outstanding execution is the leader’s most important job.