Management: Establishing Flawless Operational Execution

Together with setting a direction and hiring top talent, flawless operational execution is equally important.  The three core processes of people, strategy and operations must be connected for an organization to function effectively.

Establishing a flawless operations system requires knowing your people and your business, setting clear goals that are challenging but realistic, and checking progress often.  Specifically, this involves:

  • Having a clear understanding of the key drivers of your business
  • Identifying the 2-4 key business performance indicators and tracking them daily to ensure optimum performance (follow-through is critical)
  • Aligning people, strategy, and operations to create effective and efficient teams
  • Providing the right environment (including clear communications, necessary resources and appropriate incentives) to allow your staff to be successful
  • Integrating information from various businesses and functions to ensure key initiatives are aligned
  • Making resource deployment decisions to maximize long-term profitability
  • Constantly debating, probing, listening, and questioning with a consistent goal of “finding a better way” to achieve organization goals
  • Conducting low-risk, appropriate experiments and, when successful, concentrating resources on targeted, scalable opportunities for improving performance.

Key to success is for everyone, including you as the deeply engaged leader, to accept accountability for their actions.