Planning For the Next Job — Relocating or not?

Finding the right job, with the right company, and in the right part of the country or world requires quality research on your part.  We’ve all heard of horror stories where an individual or family made a choice without proper research and planning.  We knew of a couple where the father jumped at a chance for a promotion, his wife gave up her tenured teaching job, they sold their house and moved immediately and they transplanted their two teenage children to the southwestern United States.  The father, and his boss, turned out to be oil and water as partners, and within four months, the father was out of work and the family was out of luck.

There is less likelihood of a complete disaster when an individual or family remains in the same geographic vicinity as long as you are happy in your job function, industry and lifestyle.  When a job change occurs, whether scheduled or unscheduled, it is a good time to test those assumptions given your life phase and needs.  It may, for example, be an opportunity to move to a part of the country where you’ve always wanted to live and an opportunity to open up your own consulting practice.

A few of the most important issues you need to consider and research are:

  • Where do you want to live for the best quality of life?
  • Realistically, where can you live at this stage of your life given family and personal considerations?
  • What do you want to do (function and industry, if possible)?
  • If there is a change in function or industry, why?
  • What are the possibilities of finding that work where you are thinking about living?
  • Is there a chance to make an acceptable to exceptional compensation (check the cost of living if you are thinking about moving)?
  • What are the possibilities of your spouse or significant other finding rewarding work?
  • If you are serious about a move and you have children, then have you done full due diligence on the quality of the schools?
  • What are the prospects for making a job change for you, and your spouse, if necessary?

What additional questions can you add to the list?  The quality of your research will be a very important factor in your success.


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