Questions to Ask if Let Go

Getting let go is always a shock and it is difficult to think clearly and cover the necessary bases.  But there are a number if questions you need to get the answers to as soon as you can, ideally the same day you are told you are being let go.

Questions to Ask If You are Fired or Laid Off

  • Why am I being fired/let go? Get specific reasons.
  • What reasons will be given to references who call?
  • What severance pay am I to receive and how long will it run? (See Negotiating a Severance)
  • Does my hospital/medical and life insurance coverage continue during the severance period
  • What is my final date of employment?
  • May I have pay for the industry conferences I have signed up for or need to attend?  Travel/hotel expenses?
  • Is there any unused vacation or sick pay due me?
  • Will I receive a bonus for the time worked?
  • Will I receive pay if there are loose ends that I need to tie up for the company?
  • Is there any opportunity to perform consulting for the company while I am searching for a new job?
  • Who will answer my phone?
  • What is the status of my pension?  Am I vested?
  • Am I going to be provided with outplacement or career continuation service?
  • Can I use company office space, facilities and a phone while I look for a new job?
  • Who will give me a reference?
  • Could I get a written recommendation?

Ask a question, give an answer or make a reply!

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