Negotiating a Severance: Outplacement


When you are dislocated from a company, it can be a huge benefit to have counseling from someone whose job it is to help someone make a transition to a new company.  Once you have done your due diligence on the firm, and specific counselor who will service you, then make your decision.

Keep the following in mind:

  • Learn whether you are eligible for a one-on-one program as opposed to a group program
  • Ascertain whether you can interview a few firms and make your own choice
  • Ask to meet with the person who will actually be your counselor (and not a marketing professional for the firm)
  • Ask questions to determine whether the counselor has experience working with individuals at your level and well-respected client companies
  • Make your decision based on who you think will make the best partner during your search
  • Discover whether office space will be provided (assuming that your company is unwilling to provide it)

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