Deciding If It’s Time to Go: Blocked Career Path


Almost everyone wants to move ahead.  There are times when a blocked career path is due to circumstances (someone your age or younger is your boss), political reasons (your boss doesn’t like you), or systemic reasons (products or services are changing).  You’ll need to be aware of possible changes.

Keep in mind the following:

  • Guestimate the longevity of your boss’s stay in this position, especially if he/she is your age or younger
  • Assess the relationship you have with your boss in terms of his/her willingness to support you for promotion elsewhere in the company
  • Determine if you are being left out of the communications loop and, if you are, what that means
  • Decide if your most recent performance review is giving you signals that you are highly valued or not
  • Have you been considered for promotional positions
  • Evaluate whether you have reached the top of a pay grade and whether any movement is possible

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