Interactions with your Boss: Do’s and Don’ts


  • Take 100% responsibility to make the relationship work
  • Clarify mutual expectations early and often
  • Begin managing expectations right away
  • Aim for early wins in areas important to your boss and discuss what you are doing about them every time you interact
  • Pursue good marks from those whose opinion your boss respects
  • If your boss asks for something do it immediately.


  • Don’t try to change your boss-adapt to his style and idiosyncrasies
  • Don’t try to run a checklist when you meet-discuss what you are trying to do and how the boss can help you
  • Don’t refer back to how you did it at another company
  • Don’t stay away-reach out yourself and get on boss’s calendar regularly
  • Don’t surprise your boss-report emerging problems early
  • Don’t approach only with problems and when you do give a potential solution.