Networking Interviews: Thank you


After the meeting, write a thank you note or e-mail to Susannah within five business days from the time of the interview to thank her.  You should call Susannah within a month to let her know how your meetings went with her referrals and to remain on her radar screen.  Subsequent calls should also be made to each person in your network sales force once a month.

You have five business days to have a thank-you note on the interviewer’s desk (or email inbox) before you lose the effect of the letter.  The form of the note is a judgment call on your part.  Is the most effective means of communicating with Susannah a handwritten letter, a word-processed letter, or an e-mail? It should be kept to one side of a page.

Since this is a combined thank you and marketing letter, there are three or four potential paragraphs.  The first paragraph is a personal thank you for the meeting so it will pass through the gatekeeper (administrative assistant) and reach Susannah.

The second paragraph is a marketing opportunity.  Re-state one or more concepts where you and Susannah agreed on an approach, product, or methodology.  You never know when Susannah will need help and you want her to think of you.

The third paragraph is an opportunity to discuss any of your skill sets not mentioned in the meeting.  The last paragraph is your closing which might conclude, “I’ll call you in approximately four weeks to let you know about my meetings with Rafael and Elaine.”

The four-week follow-up telephone call is your one-on-one sales meeting, keeping Susannah motivated to remain in your network sales force.  Four weeks, as we discussed, is both respectful of her time and sufficient to have her keep you front of mind, and in your sales force.  After the pleasantries, there are three main agenda items.  They are:

  • Inform Susannah how your meetings went with Rafael and Elaine (Note:  if you have met with Rafael but not Elaine, so much the better—your meeting with Elaine can be the subject of next month’s follow up call.)
  • Ask whether Susannah has given your résumé to anyone else and determine whether it is appropriate to follow-up personally.
  • Ask Susannah whether she has thought of anyone else you should meet.

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