Resume Sections: Work Experience


SHARPE COMMUNICATIONS, INC.                                                Summer 2019

Public Relations Intern

  • Performed a range of duties for Dallas based public relations firm.
  • Organized guest lists, venue options, and catering (to 300) for client events.
  • Wrote press releases (published in New York Magazine and Time Out.)
  • Critiqued layout design for advertising campaigns (Exxon Mobile, U. of Texas.)
  • Developed marketing strategies for diverse range of clients (restaurants, Internet start-ups, architectural firms.)


METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY                                    2017-2019

Marketing Manager

  • Hired as Management Associate and promoted to Marketing Manager within one year.
  • Launched and strategically developed MetLife’s web site. Coordinated the initial design and organization of the online version of the consumer education program.
  • Designed and implemented an employee awareness campaign and policy for persons with disabilities.
  • Conducted direct mail sales campaign to brokers promoting 15 institutional financial products.


DESIGN DEPOT                                                                                                2015-2018

Store Manager

  • Managed 3 high profile store locations in Pennsylvania.
  • Supervised 10 store employees at Malvern location, which had largest profit margin for two-year period.
  • Trained and evaluated staff personnel, three of whom became store managers.
  • Increased market share by 50% through effective direct retail sales and special programs.
  • Hired as warehouse assistant during college, while working full time to self-finance education and was promoted to Store Manager in a record three years.


ALLEN & COMPANY                                                                        Summer 2020

Commercial Real Estate Intern

  • Created and distributed monthly newsletters to 1000 readers about NY real estate issues to increase the company’s marketability.
  • Researched NYC commercial spaces and spoke with building owners to compile information for 6 clients.
  • Created presentations and meeting agendas for senior associates.
  • Updated and maintained the company’s contact list (thousands) thereby increasing overall efficiency.


GLAXOSMITHKLINE                                                                        Summer 2019

Undergraduate Intern in the Computational Chemistry Department

  • Researched literature and formulated experimental plan for a comparison of various 2D to 3D molecular conversion programs.
  • Began experiment, data collection, and data analysis (will complete study and write a paper on the results in an Independent Study in Spring 2010).)


FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION                        Summer 2018

Research Assistant

  • Investigated media cross-ownership rules and cable television market development and presented findings to senior management.
  • Analyzed market forecasts to support estimates of the market for digital content.
  • Increased visibility and accuracy of premier web resource.

This is an example of multiple positions at the same company:


SOTHEBY’S                                                                                                            2018-2019

Public Relations Coordinator (2019)

  • Received the fastest promotion of any Intern.
  • Promoted to manage all communications with potential investors for upcoming sales when the department faced a manpower crisis.
  • Served as full team member at all planning and implementation meetings in preparation for the multi-million dollar auction.

Intern: Contemporary Art Department (2018-2019)

  • Researched artwork for the purpose of making estimates.
  • Managed the retrieval of an important piece of art just in time for inclusion in an auction.

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