Expectations & Success: Producing & Servicing the Client

Production, especially for the most demanding clients, will be king.  Start with your boss, then your team, and your clients.  You must constantly test to make sure you are reaching the highest quality standards.

Keep in mind the following:

  • Discover problems the client has had with your products or services
  • Take action to correct them immediately
  • Report back to the client to see if the problem(s) have been corrected
  • If there is more than one client determine what the needs of each one will be
  • Discover the approximate amount of time it will take to service each client
  • Get help from your boss or team members in understanding how each client is valued and the percentage of your time you should spend with each
  • Watch your most intelligent and demanding clients (A list) to understand what they expect in terms of outstanding service
  • Take notes and begin to formulate your own decisions regarding your approach to outstanding service