Expectations & Success: Planning & Organization

Effective planning will be key to your success.  The key to planning is mastering two key objectives.  First, is capturing all of the responsibilities you will have.  They must be written and out of your head.  Second is to discipline yourself to prioritize your “next actions” and to act on them.  

Keep in mind the following:

  • Manage commitments-get all your commitments in one place, prioritize them, and define what you have to do to make progress toward completing them.  Some will be daily tasks, while others will come less often such as a project you may be assigned.  To whatever degree necessary, define the basic categories of the task such as project list, support materials, due date, next actions and placing something on the waiting list
  • Manage actions-make appropriate choices about what to do at any point in time (determine a sequence on the order of completion).
  • Carefully organize yourself by having computerized records and any physical files that you need
  • Devote some period of time each day for filing
  • Daily review-take a few minutes at the beginning of each day to determine the action items for the day and how you will evaluate success at the end of the day
  • Weekly review-review the successes (and unmet deadlines) for the week and plan for next week
  • Note:  Make sure to attend all of the boss’s meetings and any training sessions that are offered.