Expectations and Success: Exhibiting Professional Behavior

Exhibiting professional behavior will set you apart from others.  It will show your boss, and members of your team, that you know how to behave and will help you to more quickly become a functioning team member.

Keep in mind the following:

  • Achieve your goals in systematic fashion, through planning and breaking the goals into small, manageable pieces
  • Communication-understand that the communication style of the members of your team may be different than what you are used to, and adjust accordingly
  • Collaboration-cooperation and sharing with the members of your team will be learned over time; give yourself time to learn how you can be most productive
  • Listening-make eye contact, don’t interrupt when others are thinking or during periods of silence and ask thoughtful questions for clarification or to give the other person an opportunity to provide more detail (do more listening than talking)
  • Conflict resolution-hopefully you will not face on conflict early on but if you do receive some counseling from your boss or member of your team
  • Adaptability-understand that there will be changes so be flexible in dealing with them; take the time to understand why the changes occurred and future direction
  • Organization-create a viable organization system for yourself and spend some time cleaning and filing each day; keep a file handy for your most important goals
  • Accept constructive feedback-you cannot know all aspects of the job when you are hired so expect constructive feedback; when you receive it be humble and assess how to make the necessary changes
  • Integrity-build trust by being honest and ethical and keep your promises and deadlines without excuses and take responsibility for the results of your work
  • Productivity-create a system you can follow and try to focus on one task which increases efficiency; be aware that some days will have unexpected issues that will prevent you from sticking to your schedule.