Driving Client Value

For an organization to be successful (be it a accompany, division, or team) its leader must recognize its client’s relevant business needs, establish a vision and set a direction and strategy to successfully address them.  The impact on the client’s success determines what has real client value. The greater the contribution to the client and the lower the cost the more valuable the output of your organization. Remember, too, that your main “client” may be within your company rather than outside it.

To be successful with a client, however, requires more than this.  It requires forging a positive, synergistic partnership based on providing outstanding service from the beginning of a relationship.  The leader, and every team member, must collaborate across constituencies to provide seamless service always with business sensitivity and ethics.

To Create and Maintain Client Value:

  • Commit to value:Demonstrate a focus on providing the highest level of products or services for the client.  Keep up to date in those fields and business areas relevant to your client’s success.
  • Focus on both the short and long term needs of the client: Think beyond the requirements of immediate assignments to the client’s overall success mission.  Translate the client’s key needs and desires into concrete deliverables.
  • Tone:Identify the tone, style and commitment that fits the client’s culture and establish a relationship built on trust, with candor, sensitivity, and integrity.
  • Increase your value: Continually test new approaches that will maintain or add value for the client.
  • Change: Recognize the potential for change in a client relationship that may be due to either internal or external factors and adapt so as to continue delivering client value.  Be able to adapt to a need for change quickly.