I Think It Is Time To Get Promoted


You have been successful at your job for three years now and you feel you’re ready for a promotion.  Your boss doesn’t communicate much and you’re wondering what you can do.

CareerCoach’s Advice:

Do some homework on your own first.  Find out whether three years, in your firm, is approximately the right amount of time to be considered for promotion (of if it’s fast or slow).  Seek out individuals, who held positions at your level and were recently promoted, and ask them to tell you the circumstances of their promotion.  What did they do?  What kind of help did they receive from their boss?  Was anyone else helpful?  Every firm has its own culture and you need to behave in a way that is consistent with that culture.

Then, set up a meeting with your boss to receive some “career counseling.”  Bring with you a list of your greatest accomplishments over the three year period, including specifically how each one helped the company achieve its goals.  An example might be, “researched and selected a software program that decreases reporting time by 20%.”  Let the boss know that you feel you’re ready for a promotion and ask for his counsel.  As the discussion unfolds bring in data that you learned regarding the promotion process.  Your goals for the meeting are to let the boss know you’re interested in a promotion and to enlist your boss’ help in supporting you.


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