I’m getting a new boss from outside the company


You have just been notified that your boss is leaving and a new boss is coming from outside the organization.  What do you need to watch or do?

CareerCoach’s Advice:

Find out whether your boss is leaving to take another position internally or if he is leaving the company.  If it is an internal move, is it a promotion, lateral move or does it appear to be a demotion.  This will give you an idea of how the boss’ direction and strategies were received by senior management.  If the boss is leaving the company was it his call or did the company ask him to leave.  A divorce could indicate a new direction is coming.

Try to discover as much as you can before the new boss starts.  Where did she go to college, past experience, job functions, etc.?  Does the new boss have successful experience, thus credibility, in your industry and in your job function.  Listen carefully to the first presentation for signals regarding direction, strategies and goals to understand if a major change is coming.  Then make sure that your business goals are in sync with the new direction and strategy.  Your major concerns initially should be producing, building a relationship with your boss, and assisting her in any way possible.  This may be especially true if she is coming from outside the industry.


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