Career Stages


My-Career Coach goes beyond just helping you find a job.  While we do offer great advice in that area, where we are truly unique is that we stick with you after you have landed the job.  It would be like a coach who never spoke to you after you made the team — assuming, if you were good enough to make the cut, then you didn’t need any more help!

We all know that isn’t true.  Once you land a job, the really hard and tricky part begins!  You have to figure out the dynamics of your new employer — who the other players are, what their strengths and weaknesses are and what the team’s objectives are.  Misread any of these and you could quickly find yourself “on the bench”.

That’s where we come in. We sick with you through the standard phases of any job — helping you to understand your own strengths and weaknesses and alerting you to possible danger spots.  We understand you are 110% busy with just doing the job — so we make it easy for you to also keep up on the other “stuff”.

Here are the Career Stages we address — and some information about each one.  Follow the appropriate links on each page to even more information, alerts and tips!

Career Stages:

  • Finding the Job (Networking, Resume Writing)
  • Winning the Job (Interviewing, Deciding, Negotiating)
  • Starting the Job (Fitting In, Making good first impressions, Identifying possible de-railers early)
  • Succeeding in the Job (Setting objectives and meeting them, Keeping the Boss on your team, Dealing with the unexpected “bumps in the road”)
  • Leaving the Job (Deciding when it is time, What to do when they decide it is time; how to leave)

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